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Paid ads are about putting your message or products in front of potential customers at the right time. It seems easy, but in this hyper-competitive environment, it gets tricky. That is why our whole team at Cravo unites to develop insightful analytical ideas, intriguing copy, exquisite designs and captivating videos to increase revenue while maximizing ROI.

With Cravo’s affordable PPC management services you get results, not just clicks.

Why Paid Ads?

Paid ads are an instant form of advertising gratification. Within seconds your website can start receiving traffic from paid ads campaigns. But that does not mean there isn’t a scientific and targeted approach to it.

With paid ads you can target specific demographics and psychographics, only show your ads during specific times of the day and week, or even exclude a particular group from seeing your ads altogether!

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PPC and Advertising Services

When your customers are looking for you, don’t be hard to find. Everyone from a one-person show to multi-billion conglomerates can and should benefit from paid search, and you should too!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Get more clicks, leads and sales with a professional team of search marketers

YouTube Ads

Reach your target audience where they’re spending their time – on YouTube

Remarketing Ads

Target those who already showed interest – go with remarketing ads

Social Media Ads

Boost your engagement and conversions on Facebook, Instagram, & more

Display Ads

Ads that communicate your message with the power of visual representation

How We Develop Your Advertising Campaigns

From keyword research to testing and optimization, here are the steps to your successful paid advertising campaigns.

Step One
Step One

Define Goals and Review Historical Data

We are committed to creating innovative marketing solutions to help you achieve your goals. To start, we’ll set out what success means for you. Then, we will review historical data before crafting a clear plan based on cost per click, conversion rates, and other metrics – all while ensuring services provide value.

Step Two
Step Two

Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords to target is critical. From search intent (commercial, informational, transactional, etc.) to keyword competition, we put together a list of keywords that fit your goals and will maximize your ROI.

Step Three
Step Three

Create Ad Copy & Art

Our Creative Content team and our Graphic Designers will work together to gather the essence of your business and communicate the message most effectively. The result is eye-catching imagery, intriguing copy, and an overall unique advertising campaign.

Step Four
Step Four

Implement Tracking

Data is the bedrock of our decisions, so having the necessary data is trivial. Our Google experts will create tracking parameters so we know exactly where the conversion came from.

Step Five
Step Five

Optimize Landing Pages

Getting leads and clients to click on your ads is only half of the battle. Making sure they convert is the other half – the important part. Your website’s landing page must be fast, succinctly convey the message, and deliver what people are searching for. Here at Cravo, we will make sure of all that!

Step Six
Step Six

Monitor, Report & Optimize

We are constantly monitoring your ad campaigns for low-performing text copy and imagery, adjusting bidding strategies, checking search terms and reviewing which target groups perform best. Then, we report our success to you on a monthly basis.

Turning Google Ads into Gold

When it comes to Google Ads, Cravo Marketing knows how to strike gold. Our recent triumph? Turning $101,161.23 in ad spend into a staggering $527,029.34 in sales. That’s a mind-blowing return on ad spend of 521%!

Our secret sauce? A mix of Search Campaigns, Performance Max Campaigns, Google Shopping, re-marketing campaigns, and more! We don’t just set it and forget it – we’re constantly reviewing and refining our strategies to keep our campaigns kicking goals.

We comb through recommendations, obsess over Google Merchant Center, analyze every searched term, and check Ad Strength to weed out underperformers. We stay on top of notifications, monitor conversions, and scrutinize our targeted keywords. We evaluate high-cost clicks, assess broad vs. phrase keywords, and examine landing page performance. If an ad isn’t delivering, we’re on it.

But that’s not all. We also keep an eye on audiences, constantly create more ads, and adjust auto-apply recommendations. It’s a tireless job, but hey, someone’s got to do it!

At Cravo Marketing, we don’t just run Google Ads – we turn them into a sales-generating powerhouse. So why not join us? Let’s make your ad spend work harder for you.

Yelp Ads Optimization 2023

Unprecedented Paid Ads Success During Market Downturn

Thriving During Turbulent Times

Amidst a market downturn, our expert paid ads service delivered exceptional results. Struggling with self-managed ads generating just 13% of leads, our client partnered with us in February for an effective marketing solution. The graph shows the remarkable growth in paid ad leads (in orange) since collaborating.

In February, when we began working with the client, there was an immediate leap to 44% in leads from paid ads. This upward trend continued with 48% lead generation in March, followed by a massive surge to 71% of leads from paid ads in April. May brought even more success, with an astounding 80% in leads, dominating the client’s lead sources. And so far in June, 75% of Yelp leads have been generated from our paid ads strategy.

Experience unparalleled success with our professional paid ads service, even in challenging economic times. Unlock your business’s potential with our proven expertise, and watch your company flourish as we navigate the advertising landscape together.

Why Choose Cravo for Paid Ads?

Advanced keyword research

Captivating copywriting

Stunning graphics, images, and artwork

Integrated Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Analytics conversion tracking setup

Multiple images and text copy testing

Audience creation and monitoring

Use of dynamic keywords

Landing page performance testing

Constantly review and replace underperforming text copy, imagery, and bidding strategy

Ongoing keyword & campaigns development and tweaking

Monitor and cease click fraud

Remarketing to focus solely on those who showed interest before

Geofencing ads to target only specific locations

Transparent pricing

Custom PPC campaigns tailored to your business, industry, and goals

Monthly performance reports

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